Sidewalks: Who is responsible for Sidewalk Repair in New York City?

  1. Keep your Sidewalk Clean: It starts with keeping your sidewalks clean and well-maintained. Remove debris, water hose, and any spills, it can be done in a variety of ways. Plus, this is one of the best ways to save property owners from costly repairs and stay proactive with your sidewalks.
  2. Resealing Sidewalks from time to time: Resealing helps to extend life span while also protecting the concrete from damage from the outside elements. So it is best to keep your sidewalk looking great by resealing it every few years. It is best to reach out to a professional contractor who offers repairs and great options to ensure the job is done once, done right.
  3. Repair small cracks that can turn into big ones: Small spider cracks can eventually appear and turn into large cracks over time. However, you can easily use concrete caulking to fill the cracks and avoid further damage.
  4. Prevent deformities: If the damages are unaddressed for a long time, it can lead to more long-term deformities which might not be easy to maintain. For instance, if you have tree invasions it can lead to permanent uneven surfaces which could lead to serious pedestrian hazards down the line.
  5. Reach out to Professionals: Public infrastructure often decays invisibly. Sidewalks, however, decay right before your eye under your feet. Keeping your sidewalks intact in today’s times is not an easy task for business owners. Your best bet is to reach out to professionals who specialize in concrete repair!



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Sidewalk Contractor in NYC

Sidewalk Contractor in NYC

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