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4 min readMay 5, 2022

Not going into a lot of boring facts, everything that is made artificially needs maintenance. Though orphaned sidewalks are common in cities worldwide, it is often clear who is responsible for each of these steps. In NYC, this responsibility lies with the owner of the adjacent property, in others the government, and in some places, ownership is divided between the two.

Putting the responsibility of sidewalk repairs and maintenance in the resident’s hands!

In New York City, it is the responsibility of property owners for installing and maintaining clean sidewalks. If property owners don’t meet standards, the NYC Department of Transportation has the responsibility to inspect the sidewalks, the city hires private contractors to make repairs that are done at the expense of the property owner.

Thanks to their beauty, concrete sidewalks offer some great benefits like durability and longevity. To continue enjoying all these benefits of concrete for many years to come, property owners need to keep their New York City sidewalks in the best possible shape. Fortunately, keeping your sidewalk in that condition is a no-brainer, you just need to hire professionals to prevent sidewalk violations in NYC.

Few Tips That Will Help You To Maintain Sidewalks

  1. Keeping Sidewalks clean of dust and debris: One of the best ways to maintain your sidewalks is to keep them clean. You can do this in a variety of ways by simply removing debris or a water hose to remove any spills. To stay proactive and help you avoid costly repairs, all you need to do is clean your sidewalks on a regular basis.
  2. Resealing every few years: If you want to extend the lifespan while also protecting it from all the outside elements, resealing can help. You can reach out to a local business that offers professional sidewalk repair services in NYC is a great option to ensure the job is done on time with the right techniques.
  3. Repairing cracks: Even the most durable concrete isn’t going to be invulnerable to damages. Over time, small spider cracks can eventually appear on your sidewalks. Unfortunately, these cracks could cause more damage to occur, because of something of a domino effect for your concrete issues. So, as soon as cracks of any size begin to appear in your concrete, you need to act quickly to get those cracks filled. The sooner you jump on this work, the more likely it is that your concrete won’t suffer any more than it already has, helping to ensure it will continue going strong. However, with a maintenance program in place, your hired professionals will fill the cracks to avoid further damage.
  4. Resurfacing concrete: To give your concrete sidewalks a brand new appearance, resurfacing can be a great option. Rather than replacing the whole concrete, resurfacing is a much more affordable option.
  5. Hire a masonry professional: Concrete sees a lot of different kinds of dirt. When you think about these surfaces, it is easy to understand why this is the case. Shoes are continuously traipsing, pedestrians running across, and even dropping things on sidewalks. Trying to keep your sidewalk well-maintained on your own is not an easy task for property and business owners. However, one of the major aspects of care and maintenance needed for concrete is regular cleaning. There are when other types of services can be made available. If you reach out to a professional that specializes in concrete repair, they can work with you to keep your sidewalk looking aesthetically appealing and boost the curb appeal of your business.

If you have done concrete work before, you would know that it is one of the most durable and low maintenance materials available out there on the market. This is one of the reasons why it raises a lot of questions when it comes to maintaining and repairing. Keeping the sidewalks clean and free of trip hazards will only reduce the chances of liability of someone getting injured on the sidewalk.

What steps to take to avoid sidewalk violations in NYC?

  1. Address problems as soon as possible to minimize the area and amount of repair required.
  2. Do not park cars or other heavy equipment on your sidewalk if you see cracks.
  3. If you observe hazardous sidewalks, you need to get emergency repairs.
  4. Clean the sidewalks to keep them free of leaves, snow, ice, or debris.
  5. Trim the elements that might obstruct the pedestrians, for instance tree branches or shrubs.
  6. Watch for early signs of water leakage, tree roots, and other underlying damage.

Note that, it doesn’t make much sense to spend all the time and effort on cleaning and maintaining concrete and removing mold. Therefore, protecting the surface of the concrete after it is cleaned and any stains have been removed is a key to maintaining and care for concrete.



Sidewalk Contractor in NYC

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